Nobel Explorers: Dollar-Store Edition!

Our Nobel Experience

What is Nobel Explorers?

Pictures of team Nobel has built an international learning community where youth take the lead teaching each other STEM and soft skills necessary to solve the big challenges of the 21st century.

We are driven by a desire to serve others and provide access to a world-class STEM and soft skills learning experience to every child, from everywhere.

What is our goal?

Picture of team Out goal is to create a generation of children capable of tackling the large, more complex problems of today and tomorrow by understanding good leadership and effecitve communication.

Both the problems and types of jobs present today have changed from what the school system prepares us for.

By cultivating empathy, teamwork, and collaboration we work together toward the goal of improving life outcomes for youth around the world.

About the Explorers

Here at Nobel, we really like flexing our coding skills on people. It's how we advertise! To show this, we coded an entire website from scratch.

Picture of team

Yara: Gen 2 Facilitator (bottom right)

Sam: Gen 2 Facilitator (top right)

Ben: Gen 1 Facilitator (bottom left)

Dave: Gen 1 Facilitator (top left)

What We're Working On

Ben: Working with ROS

I've been working with a team on helping a sphero navigate it's surroundings using ROS, or Robotic Operating System. The ROS framework allows for communication, control, and coordination between different robotic nodes, or processes, and it's a great platform for us to collaboratively learn robotics software. In addition to learning new programming and problem solving skills, we're also refining our teamwork skills and continuing to practice the soft skills we've learned in earlier projects. ROS image

Yara: Working on Leadership classes!

I like to help talented and motivated children prove themselves and become good facilitators. Yara image

Sam: Participating in too many Alpha classes!

Facilitators have the option of participating in Alpha classes, like this one! Alpha classes are unfinished courses that facilitators get to test. It allows the class developers to get feedback, and it allows the facilitators, who act as learners, to gain new knowledge every week. Sam image

Dave: Facilitating classes and building the community!

I've been helping build the Nobel program by facilitating coding and web design classes from the beginning as well as testing our new classes. Also, I've been helping expand the Nobel community by reaching out to students and teachers in my locality and facilitating leadership classes. The most important thing about Nobel Explorers to me is learning soft skills to use in the real world. Dave image